Bike Rides

WhenDistanceTimeSpeedComment (excuses)
7/12/09 afternoon icecreamIce cream trip with all the kids
8/24/2008 Sunday afternoon29.5 miles 127 minutes 14 MPH Weak legs at about 20 miles.
8/30/2008 Saturday evening26.2 miles 100 minutes 15.7 MPH ate granola at 13 miles. didn't help. weak legs at 16 miles.
9/1/2008 Monday evening. 8.5 miles 120 minutes 4.25 MPH Took Maria and Evan. Ears got tired at 1.5 miles.
9/3/2008 Wednesday Evening16.5 miles60 minutes16.5 MPHRode during Carson's baseball clinic. Hit dog, bent wheel at 15 miles.
9/7/2009 Sunday Afternoon31.6 miles134 minutes14.1 MPH (15.5ish factoring out stop at Dad's)Rode to Dad's to feed dog. Wind from the west.
9/10/2009 Wednesday evening20.5 miles75 minutes16.4 MPHRode during Carson's baseball clinic. Ate two hotdogs with mustard before ride; did not help.
9/20/2009 Saturday Morning Tour de Wine Main Street/Y sponsored ride60 mi8:30am - 2:00 pm, 5.5 hours11.3 MPHRode with Elizabeth's group, Rob, Dan, Jan, and Zack. Monica waited up for us at the winery.

Left calf started hurting about 20 miles in.